Be Famous

Read this if you’ve ever wanted to become famous…

Here is how you will become famous as one of our TV show hosts. Travel to other countries and be a guest TV show host while allowing others in our growing family to sit on your TV show while you’re away.

The Asian Highway Network Tourism Division is sponsoring and developing the “7million jobs” tourism program, to assist individuals and communities to earn extra income. You become famous by appearing on TV each week along with 2 other TV show hosts, issuing prizes and awards to contestants. With 29 categories of contestants, you’re sure to enjoy making friends with a variety of your TV show viewers. As this program expands into 32 countries along the Great Asian Highway, Africa, Australia and Pan America you can be on TV almost anywhere we operate.

Just ask your family “who wants to trade places for awhile?”

You’ll also enjoy networking with your new family, attending parties and really improving your lifestyle forever.

Get started today by 1st preparing and uploading to our special YouTube channel, your demo reel as explained in those links.



How many times can you say Yes!

  1. I want to host a “7 Million Jobs” TV series each week
  2. I want to travel to be on TV in other countries
  3. I want in on the private online forum for meeting my new family
  4. I want my demo reel online NOW so that I can promote it
  5. I can learn to promote our different websites to get viewers to join
  6. I want to meet other TV show judges who do what we all do
  7. I want to attend TV show judges conferences in Asia, Africa, America & Australia
  8. I want sponsors to pay me to promote them on our shows
  9. I want to sometimes trade places on TV shows with my new family of famous friends
  10. I want to improve my lifestyle by helping make all of us famous and successful
  11. I want peole to know who I am and give me extra special celebrity treatment
  12. I’m OK if the news wants to interview me every now and then about something
  13. I won’t mind being invited to give speeches to schools, clubs & etc
  14. I want fans to send me letters telling me how much they admire me
  15. I want to be invited to the best parties to meet other celebrities
  16. I don’t mind becoming richer as I become a celebrity
  17. I want opportunities that only clebrities and famous people have
  18. I realize and understand that each country or region has only room for 3-4 of us
  19. There is nothing grotesque about me that most of the TV show viewers won’t like
  20. I want to be explaining why I’m giving a prize to whichever contestant wins that weeks TV show

What do you do when you’ve been online since Windows 3.1, your kids have grown up and moved out, and you have enough stable income to allow you to relax and be creative?

You might hatch a plan to take over the world with your laptop and some off the shelf software by launching your own reality TV series that allows you to travel while meeting new people and improving your lifestyle. Knowing that you’d need a prototype to show and talk to others about, you’d invest your own funds while dreaming of the day you could present it to the crowdfunding community. You’d be able to tell stories about the headaches and learning curve of trying to outsource parts of your project, about people wanting to steal your license keys or even hacking / breaking code that once worked fine. And of course you’d likely have several hundred YouTube videos shot, edited and uploaded that you were planning to improve upon “one of these days”. And while you could tell stories about doing SEO for your videos, and about learning keyword research techniques and what happens if you don’t use royalty free music on them, you decide to keep working on taking over the world. After all, if was that easy to do someone would have done it already, you say to yourself.

So how do you get people to help you take over the world? How do you do a successful reality TV series bringing you new friends, new wealth, worldwide travel and while providing something most people would want? Before answering ask yourself what is the best way to eat an elephant? The answer is one bite at a time. So when planning to move forward on taking over the world we’ll divide it into sections (bites) and ask for assistance on a discussion forum we’ve created. We’ll offer our prototype website as the model to be the focus of our reality TV series, and solicit television personalities in each country to host it in their location. When you want to travel we’d agree you take my spot and I’ll sit in your spot and couple of times a year we have some gathering to give awards to ourselves like they do in Hollywood. To raise funds to make progress we’d ask for a membership fee to join the discussion forums so that serious participants can network while the curious remain as spectators unable to post comments.

Our product would be the websites in Asia, Africa, Australia and Pan America that are on TV each week offering prizes to the best videos users have submitted describing the service they provide to tourists. Tourists would quickly learn that they can locate almost any desired activity within the 29 categories by beginning at www.7MillionJobs.com then selecting a continent then a country.

So while trying to take over the world beginning by linking tourism and culture so that everyone can participate constitutes the “Master Plan”, I’m interested in knowing about your suggestions for a “Plan-B”, at www.7millionjobs.com/forums
the curious remain as spectators unable to post comments.