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Selling A Service or Buying A Service?

To purchase a service you must 1st locate it. So 1st select which highway you will be on so you can see the cities and towns on that Highway.

Now in image #1 select one category describing your wish. In image #2 select the beginning location and the ending location where all of this will be happening.

Image #3 will show you the local people on your chosen Highway who are in the locations you have chosen. If after carefully reviewing each prospect you do not find exactly what you want then you must create a one minute video which will appear in the list of videos for that country.

So, for example click this link then select a continent, then select some country. After that country appears you will see a list of up to 200 videos. Use your mobile phone to let everyone (YouTube, etc) know you need help making your perfect vacation, and tell them how to contact you.

https://7millionjobs.com/continents/ is where you begin!