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WordPress Pricerr Theme V6.0.7 Free Download

Why is this theme Free? Because the theme developer hacks your site and can change anything he wants, at anytime. DO NOT use this theme if you do not know how to block him. Look especially into “functions.php”, and “rewrite_rules”. I purchased the theme and have a license but have discovered I can not use this theme unless I’m a software developer who knows how to repair – block the developer from entering my site and doing whatever he wishes. So, this is why YOU must be careful.

On the website of the developer are links to “https://sitemile.com/forums/” but he had to close it down because too many people could see what he was doing to us. Too many people had different problems that other buyers did not have. It became so obvious that each buyer had a different version of the software. Each of us buyers who had a problem was often the only person with that problem.

Another problem he had was the forum had several thousand members. However, nobody had a working site he could showcase, so his excuse was about “privacy”. He did not want us to find anybody whose pricerr theme was working correctly, to compare files or hire that webmaster to help us. So he shut down the online forum. If you are a good researcher then you may search the Wayback machine https://sitemile.com/forums/ to locate parts of the forum. Because I was a member for several years I already remember how it operated and have not lately researched the Wayback machine.

So, if you know what you are doing, then use this theme and enjoy yourself. Else be careful because, the theme developer is not honest and will indeed open your site and do things you don’t want. Pay attention: you require a licence to use his software so when you get into your localhost it will try to contact his server and inform that you have the script. Contact me if you learn how to repair this software, because the developer will not give a refund. I will stop sharing my script if any of you show me you have repaired it so the developer can’t hack us again.


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