1. I want to host a “7 Million Jobs” TV series each week
  2. I want to travel to be on TV in other countries
  3. I want in on the private online forum for meeting my new family
  4. I want my demo reel online NOW so that I can promote it
  5. I can learn to promote our different websites to get viewers to join
  6. I want to meet other TV show judges who do what we all do
  7. I want to attend TV show judges conferences in Asia, Africa, America & Australia
  8. I want sponsors to pay me to promote them on our shows
  9. I want to sometimes trade places on TV shows with my new family of famous friends
  10. I want to improve my lifestyle by helping make all of us famous and successful
  11. I want peole to know who I am and give me extra special celebrity treatment
  12. I’m OK if the news wants to interview me every now and then about something
  13. I won’t mind being invited to give speeches to schools, clubs & etc
  14. I want fans to send me letters telling me how much they admire me
  15. I want to be invited to the best parties to meet other celebrities
  16. I don’t mind becoming richer as I become a celebrity
  17. I want opportunities that only clebrities and famous people have
  18. I realize and understand that each country or region has only room for 3-4 of us
  19. There is nothing grotesque about me that most of the TV show viewers won’t like
  20. I want to be explaining why I’m giving a prize to whichever contestant wins that weeks TV show

Yes I want to compete to host the 7 Million Jobs weekly TV series

Because I’m serious about being in this competition, I am happy to support this with my $20 donation. Put my demo video online NOW into my favorite country . Also, send the secret location to our TV show guest Judges onlide discussion fourm so I may join in and begin my new imroved life.

Click here to compete to become a TV series Guest Judge for The Great Asian Highway Networks, any continent, any country, once we get it going. Excellent for those with video production teams to get involved now so that you grow your TV shows and your fame.

Participating in this opportunity says you are familiar with and support the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism .

Others may contact you about helping them get their shows going once you have located a facility at some theater, school or any facility you can work out of.

People will submit their videos and offerings when they register into your custom website, and all you do is select some videos and discuss them. Offer prizes, make a big deal out of it, and try getting more people (and sponsors) to register into the websites we create and maintain for you.

Your local sponsors could pay for everything and put extra cash into your pockets.

Your steering committee has people with contacts to get you time on radio, satellite, cable, and who knows what else? You will likely work with the Steering Committee members who have the resources you’ll require to make your TV series wildly popular in your area.

You could hold your own conventions with Guest Judges from other locations and have a lot of fun together. Share issues, jokes, tales and make new friends who may help you in the future. Get some press coverage about it and see how far up into society you can rise. Have people asking to take photos with you, asking for autographs and offering you opportunities you could never get if you were not so famous. Includes 50 gift certificates valued USD $10 each.

See This Map Showing You Where You’re Most Needed

Use your mouse on the countries in this map, the red lines in each country shows our territories. Maps for Australia, Africa & the Americas have not yet been completed, but you can see the routes by clicking onto the home page then clicking the links at: Tourism Corridors You Manage And Develop

Participating in this opportunity says you are familiar with and support the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism .


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