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RE: USD $1,000 WP Software Development Contest Questions

So I have some design ideas with a premium WP theme, images, features and functions required and want to hire some TEAM to develop it and possibly be around in case something goes wrong. Of course websites improve each month so, I require well annotated coding in case the 1st TEAM is no longer available.

I’ve made mistakes when interviewing developers and want to avoid that next time, so my idea is to open a contest and offer $1,000 to the winning TEAM. How to guarantee the winner gets paid is likely to be the 1st question asked about me. So that’ s what I’d like you to comment about.

Next question is whether I should worry about someone taking my design and using it. We have all heard that FB was stolen from the guy asking Mark to help him with the software. We have all heard of Gates and Jobs in court against each other for intellectual property issues.

So when you guys tell me how to proceed, I’ll likely post onto https://einpresswire and use your ideas on how to select the winning project. Do I ask people to vote on the winner? Suppose I selected maybe 2-3 designs I liked, how would the online voting be accomplished? Why would anyone vote at all? I could offer free memberships or free gift certificates the voters could use in the project.

Tell me about other related matters I have not thought about that would be important to the success ot this venture.

Finally, what if I must decide which one to select if TWO contestants come up with the perfect design? By price only or by the number of votes? I hope this makes sense to you and that we can begin a.s.a.p.

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